Declaration Genesis

On 3 March 2023, in Casablanca (Morocco), the Casablanca Declaration, signed by 100 experts of 75 nationalities, was presented to the public, calling on states to commit to the universal abolition of surrogacy.

The Casablanca Declaration has its roots in a group of experts who are mainly lawyers, doctors, and psychologists, that perform as researchers and practitioners in their respective fields. These professionals have been working for a long time about Surrogacy (GPA) and its impact on individuals and society.

They have reached a mutual consensus on the conclusion that the global dimension of surrogacy requires an international response, and that a multinational convention would be the sole effective approach to ultimately abolish surrogacy.

Convinced in the necessity of collaborative work to develop the means for such a universal initiative in order to protect women and children from the global surrogacy market, this team decided to draft a proposal for an International Convention for the Universal Abolition of surrogacy.

However, rather than publishing this doctrinal work in specialized journals, they decided to ask their colleagues, experts from all over the world, to draw the attention, and particularly the interest of the States, towards this international approach. The first signatories are 100 experts of 75 nationalities who call on states to :

  • Take measures to combat surrogacy on their territory.
  • Commit to an international convention with a view to the universal abolition of surrogacy.

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