Contribution of the Casablanca Declaration to the report on Human trafficking

The group behind the Casablanca Declaration submitted its contribution to the report on human trafficking and on gender, peace, and security in order to bring to the attention of the Special Rapporteur on human trafficking the disastrous consequences for women involved in surrogacy (GPA). The Casablanca Declaration emphasized that surrogacy constitutes human trafficking, as women […]

French President Emmanuel Macron answers to Olivia MAUREL

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron answers to Olivia MAUREL and reaffirms that surrogacy «challenges the dignity of the woman’s body and its commodification» Press release 20.06.2024 Olivia Maurel, young woman born through surrogacy and spokesperson for the Casablanca Declaration, today received an answer to her letter sent a few weeks ago to […]