French President Emmanuel Macron answers to Olivia MAUREL

The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron answers to Olivia MAUREL and reaffirms that surrogacy “challenges the dignity of the woman’s body and its commodification”

Press release 20.06.2024

Olivia Maurel, young woman born through surrogacy and spokesperson for the Casablanca Declaration, today received an answer to her letter sent a few weeks ago to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

In this letter dated June 12, 2024, the President responds to Olivia Maurel through his chief of staff Mr. Rodrigue FURCY: referring to article 16-7 of the civil code which declares the absolute nullity of any surrogacy agreement, the letter recalls that “the President, on several occasions, has reaffirmed red lines” and that “there is no question of authorizing surrogacy in France, because it challenges the dignity of the body of the woman and its commodification”.

If the President cannot propose an audience to Olivia Maurel due to the constraints of the presidential agenda, he indicates that her request has been transmitted to Madam Minister Sarah El Haïry, who “will keep her directly informed”.

Olivia Maurel thanks the President of the French Republic for reaffirming the fact that surrogacy will remain prohibited during his mandate.

However, how can we explain that, despite these committed remarks, foreign companies come to France to promote surrogacy during fairs like “wish for a baby” announced in September in Paris?

Olivia Maurel now very much wishes to meet Minister Sarah El Haïry in order to address these concerns with her.

The Casablanca Declaration, signed by experts from around the world, invites governments to come out of resignation to condemn surrogacy, take concrete measures to put an end to this trade and, in particular, engage in an International Convention to promote a global context of refusal of surrogacy, likely to lead many countries in this virtuous wake.