Olivia Maurel, born through surrogacy, and Gloria Ruiz, ex surrogate, warn Albania on surrogacy risks

Press release, 10.06.2024

Olivia Maurel, born through surrogacy and spokesperson of the Casablanca Declaration, as well as Gloria Ruiz, ex surrogate mother and signatory of the Casablanca Declaration, sent an open letter to the Albanian public authorities in an attempt to stop the bill regarding surrogacy. The letter was sent through Ms Nikolla Lindika, speaker at the Parliament, to the President of Albania, Mr Bajman Begaj, to the Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama and to the Minister of Health, Ms. Albana Koçiu. 

We can testimony with our own lives that surrogacy can create strong psychic and psychological traumas for the child when he is made aware of the method of conception” and “it is a form of abuse on the surrogate mother, who also endures medical negligence”, said both women in the letter, which appeals the Albanian Parliament to not let the bill pass.

This law, they say, will have the effect that “there are even more children removed from their mothers at birth”, even by contract or agreement, with or without financial incentives, “the effects will be the same”. “All surrogate-born children are commissioned into being and removed from their mothers at birth” say Olivia and Gloria, and it will not be possible “to force commissioning parents” to inform their children of their origins.

They also reminded that surrogacy “violates the dignity of women and children” and constitutes a risk for “human trafficking, exploitation of minors and organ exploitation” as was already defined by the Directive of the European Parliament which includes exploitation of surrogacy as human trafficking.

“We urge you to reconsider what harm will be done to children and women around the world, should this law pass”, they claimed.

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