Declaration of Casablanca
For the universal abolition of surrogacy

While few countries in the world have legalised surrogacy, all are concerned because women are asked to be surrogate mothers or because their nationals travel abroad to have a child through surrogacy. 

Faced with this global challenge, the Declaration of Casablanca for the universal abolition of surrogacy, signed by experts from all around the world, calls on governments to move beyond resignation, condemn surrogacy,  take concrete measures to put an end to this trade and, especially, commit to an international Convention to promote a global context of refusal of surrogacy, likely to draw many countries into this virtuous wake.

The “Casablanca Declaration” is thus an international group of experts, researchers and practitioners, lawyers, doctors, psychologists : working for a long time on the subject of surrogacy, they address together States and international organizations to put at their disposal their multidisciplinary and international expertise to support, encourage, instigate political, legal and diplomatic steps with a view to the abolition of surrogacy in the world and, in particular, the adoption of an international Convention for the universal abolition of surrogacy.


Casablanca Declaration produce and disseminate international, multidisciplinary expertise, in order to inform public decision-makers, professionals and the general public about the reality of surrogacy.

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The Casablanca Declaration at the United Nations in Geneva

Press release Geneva, 18.06.2024 “I was ordered, fabricated, custom-made, sold and bought” (Olivia Maurel, born from surrogacy and spokesperson of the Casablanca Declaration)   The

Casablanca 2023

The Declaration and the proposal for an international Convention have been made public during an expert seminar on March 3 in Casablanca, Marocco.

Rome 2024

The International Conference for the Universal Abolition of surrogacy was held in Rome on 5th and 6th April 2024, with the aim of being a decisive step towards  the advent of an international treaty.

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Picture of Olivia Maurel

Olivia Maurel

Declaration spokesperson, born from surrogacy

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Bernard Garcia

Coordinator, Doctor in law

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The signatories

of the Declaration of Casablanca