Declaration of Casablanca
For the universal abolition of surrogacy

The Declaration of Casablanca for the universal abolition of surrogacy, signed by 100 experts of 75 nationalities, was made public in Casablanca (Morocco) on 3 March 2023.

The aim of this text is to commit States to adopt measures against surrogacy in all its forms and modalities, whether paid or unpaid. It includes in its annex a proposal for an International Convention for the Universal Abolition of Surrogacy.

This text is not the property of any structure.  It is available to any State, organization or person who wishes to save humanity from the scourge of surrogacy.

No authorization is required from anyone to use the content of the Declaration or the proposal for an international Convention appended thereto. 

The Declaration of Casablanca is the contribution that the signatories experts are happy to offer to humanity, to each and everyone need it.

The signatories

The signatories of the Declaration of Casablanca are experts from different disciplines, mainly lawyers, doctors, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers…

Many dedicate some or all of their research and work to this subject and have numerous publications to their credit.

The list of the first 100 signatories of the Declaration was published in Le FIGARO on 3 March 2023 HERE.

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Casablanca 2023

The Declaration and the proposal for an international Convention have been made public during an expert seminar on March 3 in Casablanca, Marocco.

Rome 2024

The International Conference for the Universal Abolition of surrogacy will be held in Rome on 5th and 6th April 2024, with the aim of being a decisive step towards  the advent of an international treaty.

Our team

Olivia Maurel

Olivia Maurel

Declaration spokesperson, born from surrogacy

Bernard Garcia

Bernard Garcia

Coordinator, Doctor in law